Thinking of Selling your home?

Here are some tips to help you sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most money. Clean, declutter and shine.  Try to put yourself in the buyers shoes.  Are you comfortable in a dirty, cluttered and disorganized space?  Probably not.  Major retailers understand this and market to the public using organized, clean and open aisles.  You need to use the same techniques in marketing your home.   The buyer needs to be able to picture themselves being comfortable and relaxing in your home.  Wash, paint, and arrange furniture to create a fresh, warm, inviting home that they want to see  themselves in. Fix what is broken.  Buyers expect everything to work.  When potential buyers view your home and see things that will need repair they see $ signs.  Most are looking for a home they can move into without having to spend money on repairs. A high percentage of buyers use home inspectors who are working for the buyer and are trained to find any deficiencies there may be.  Fix any issues and eliminate any concern that an inspector my find. Your property will probably be competing with other homes for sale in the area.  Your real estate sales representative should provide you with information on pricing, and a market analysis.  To market and sell your home you have to be realistic and competitive. Selling your home is a major decision.  You have probably had children growing up in the home, birthdays, Christmas celebrations.  It is very difficult to change your mindset from home to now a piece of property to sell.  However to achieve your ultimate goal listen to your sales representative.  They understand buyers.  If you have priced your home properly, hired the right professional, and followed the steps above you have done all you can to successfully sell your home.  Good Luck!