Buying Tips

Get financing in place

Pre-approvals are a terrific aid in looking for a new home.  Meet with your mortgage broker.  She/he will collect all your documents as well as check your credit bureau.  Your mortgage broker will search the market and find you the best value in a mortgage and give you perimeters to work within when searching for that new home.

Decide what you want

There are numerous homes on the market at any given time.  Choose a neighbourhood or neighbourhoods.  Decide on the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage space, bungalow or two story, brick or siding, price range?  Your sales representative can help you narrow the search to the criteria you decide on.  You can always adjust your likes, dislikes, and must haves as you view different homes

It is not uncommon for purchasers to visit a home 2 or three times comparing it to others they have seen before taking the step to make an offer to purchase.

Your Real Estate Professional will be there to guide you through the negotiation process, offer acceptance, removal of conditions (if applicable) and assist you every step of the way.